Saturday, June 15, 2013

Happy Teacher's Day 3

Mak:    Salim, bangun cepat!  Nanti lambat pergi sekolah!
Salim:   Alaaa…  Salim tak nak pergi sekolah!
Mak:     Eh?  Kenapa?
Salim:   Alaa…  Tak nak laah…
Mak:    Bagi mak dua sebab kenapa Salim tak nak pergi sekolah.
Salim:  Alaaa… Cikgu-cikgu tak suka Salim.  Budak-budak pun tak suka Salim.
Mak:   Tak kira.  Bangun jugak!  Pergi jugak!
Salim:  Alaa…  Bagi dua sebab kenapa Salim kena pergi jugak.
Mak:    Sebab umur Salim lima-puluh satu tahun.  Sebab Salim Guru Besar sekolah.  
           Siap sekarang!

Mom:     Salim, wake up! Hurry up!  You’re going to be late for school!
Salim:    But I don’t want to go to school!
Mom:     Uh? And why is that?
Salim:    I just don’t want to…..
Mom:     Give me two reasons why you don’t want to.
Salim:   The teachers don’t like me.  Even the students don’t like me.
Mom:     Oh! Come on…you still have to go.
Salim:   Give me two reasons why I still have to go to school.
Mom:    Reason number one Salim, you are fifty-one years old and number two, 
            you are the principal of the school.  Now get out of that bed!

TQ, 'Izzat Hussain.

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