Monday, August 19, 2013

President Muhammad Morsi Egypt

Erdogan Slammed The Muslim World For Their Silence مترجم: أردوغان انتقدت...

Hey, the Islamic world!
Your sisters and brothers are being slaughtered.
The justice, rights and conscious
in Egypt are being slaughtered.
When will you hear it?
When will you see it?
When will you realize that
the blood of your sisters and brothers are being shed?
You did not even realize it either in Syria.
Hundred thousand people were killed in there,
you didn't raise your voice.
You’re still silent.
For how long?
But don't forget,
the same thing could happen to you tomorrow.

Translation by:  marioskyjuicemonster

Salaam Aidil Fitri

Eid Mubarak

May Allah answer 
all my prayers, 
in syaa Allah.

Selamat Hari Raya Aidil Fitri

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Sunday, August 4, 2013


(dah lama tak tengok nombor ni!)

My Promise to My Children...

My Promise to My Children

As long as I live,
I am your parent, first,
your friend, second.

I will stalk you, flip out on you,
lecture you, drive you insane,
be your worst nightmare,
haunt you like the bloodhound
when needed,
because I love you.

When you understand this
I will know you are a responsible adult.

You will never find someone
who loves, prays,
cares and worries about you
more than I do.

If you don’t hate me once in your life,
then I am not doing my job properly.

(From the internet)

Keep Loving..

You can’t keep hurting a person
expect them to keep loving you…

Frankly Speaking...

Frankly Speaking……
v      Speak the truth – Al-Quran 3:17
v      Speak straight – Al-Quran 33:70
v      Speak justice – Al-Quran 6:152
v      Speak kindly – Al-Quran 2:83
v      Speak politely – Al-Quran 17:53
v      Speak fairly– Al-Quran 17:28
v      Speak graciously– Al-Quran 17:23
v      Speak gently– Al-Quran 20:44
v      Speak not in vain– Al-Quran 23:3
v      Speak no lie– Al-Quran 20:30

Ramadhan Kareem