Saturday, June 15, 2013

Happy Teacher's Day 2

A Teacher’s D'ua

by AYESHA posted on 
Ya Allah make my student caring and kind

Open his heart, and open his mind
Make her righteous, respectful and honest
And also pious, loving and modest.

Make him appreciate the chance to come to school

And realize that knowledge is his greatest tool
To get what she wants in this life, and the next
And to be considered among the ummah’s best.

Let him see the importance of knowledge

Not just as means to get into college
That it can empower him in this life
To help out his brethren living in strife.

Show her that she can be a doctor and help save a life

And not just, instead, strive to be a doctor’s wife
Let her not measure her success on her number of purses
But instead the ability to lead a team of fifty nurses.

Let his goal not be the best grade on a test

But that he studied and tried his best
Make her do homework and turn all of it in
And study every night with true discipline.

Let him see that nothing is given without trying

And that cheating is the same thing as lying
Guide her to see that success only comes from You
And attaining Jannah is the only success that is true.

Show my student that my goal is the same

To help increase the strength of their name
To make them the best students they can be,
Ya Allah, please answer my dua, ameen!

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